Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baked Pasta Frittata

I hate to waste leftovers; but I do, far more often than I like.

Sometimes I plan to have leftovers ahead of time.

Who doesn't want a meatloaf sandwich for breakfast the morning after meatloaf. (Heck if I could skip straight to the sammie, I'd be totally cool with that!)

Lots of extra chicken, beef and pork ends up in burritos at my house.

Stuff that tends to get wasted... potatoes... pasta... rice...

It doesn't have to happen. I just need to plan better.

Earlier in the week I made Chicken & Artichokes with Angel Hair Pasta. I had about half a pound of angel hair leftover. Ugh! What to do?

I could throw some spaghetti sauce on it and Bob would eat it later. Then I remembered I'd be making a ham the next night. And there would definitely be leftovers.

I'll make frittata!


What you'll need is mostly leftovers; but you could easily pick up everything fresh if you just have a hankering for frittata.

Leftover Pasta (in sauce is fine)
Salt & Pepper

Some frittatas are made on the stove top in a skillet... you have to flip the whole thing over to cook both sides. I'm sure that's easy for some people, but it just seemed stressful to me.

Some frittatas are started on the stove top, then instead of flipping, it's finished under the broiler.

I have to lay on the floor to use the broiler in my gas stove... and I frickin HATE that!!

So I baked mine.

Preheat the oven to 350F.

Spray a baking dish with cooking spray.


Add cooked pasta (leftover angel hair for me)

Some leftover ham.

Some green onions.

A handful of cheese.

Whisk up some eggs with milk and salt & pepper.


Pour the eggs evenly over everything.


Now bake it for 20 - 25 minutes or until the eggs are set.

Jon, Tawny & I were the only ones who ate it. Lilly claimed not to like souffle and declined, even after we told her it's not souffle. Bobby doesn't like to try much of anything. Even though this is FILLED with things he likes!


I thought this was just OK when it was hot. When it cooled to room temperature, I loved it! Jon and Tawny both liked it.

Later Bobby... Mr. IDon'tLikeAnything... noticed the frittata sitting on the counter... with it's beautiful little brown bits of ham & cheese on top. He looked at it, then he looked at me. I asked him if he'd like a little taste. (even though he declined at breakfast) He said yes and I gave him just a bite sized taste.

I could tell from the look on his face that he liked it and offered him a piece. There was about a third left and he single-handedly finished off the last of it!


Donna-FFW said...

This looks like a fantastic use for leftover pasta. I'm definitely keeing that in mind!!

girlichef said...

Awesome idea...i never would have thought of putting pasta in my frittata...i think i'll give it a try next time i have leftover! Kids are too funny...when will they learn to give in...ha ha ha.

Ericka said...

Yay! Hopefully the bobster will keep trying new things!

And the few times I've made frittata, I think I've done the stovetop/bake thing.

Ciao Chow Linda said...

Very clever idea and resourceful too for when you don't want to eat reheated pasta.

Peter M said...

Once again, I'm urged to try a baked pasta dish using leftover spaghetti. This looks delish and using up leftovers is the right thing to do.

Spryte said...

Donna... hopefully I'll waste less pasta this way!

girlichef... I don't think they ever learn!

Ericka... we'll see! he's such a pickypants!

Thanks Linda!

It's a good way to use it up Peter =)

Sheila said...

This looks so good and easy, easy I love. I made something similar but without the egg. I like the egg; it makes it more of a breakfast dish.

Deborah said...

What a great thing to do with leftovers!

Bob said...

Nice! Heh, my girlfriend is the same way with not wanting to try things, even if they are full of stuff she likes. I've pretty much given up trying to reason with her...

Vicky said...

I usually make spaghetti pie with leftover spaghetti, but next time I'm trying this...or maybe I'll cook some spaghetti just to make a frittata!

tamilyn said...

Yum! I too struggle with leftovers. I need to think outside the box more. Thanks for a great idea!

noble pig said...

I have never seen the 6 Italian cheese mix. I bet it was great in this.

Michele said...

You are so funny. I had to laugh when you said you had to lay on your floor to get to your broiler. Your frittata looks great or as you would say "wicked good" lol

Tangled Noodle said...

Great dish! Although you made this as an answer to leftover pasta, I'll probably have to make some deliberately for this recipe! 8-)