Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Smoky Mexican Chicken

This chicken is the base for my enchiladas, burritos, tacos, nachos, Mexican rice; pretty much everything that needs Mexican chicken.

I just throw it together with whatever I have on hand.

2 lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts
taco seasoning (packet or homemade... whatever you use)
salsa (a couple spoonfuls of your favorite)
low-sodium chicken stock
liquid smoke
diced onions
diced green chilies
diced bell peppers
black olives
handful of cilantro

Put boneless skinless chicken breasts in a pot.

Add a packet of taco seasoning or the makings of taco seasoning whatever you use to spice your meat.

Throw in a couple spoonfuls of salsa, any kind you have.

Cover with chicken stock.

I have some diced green chilies so those are going in.

Almost forgot the cumin (I LOVE cumin and always add a bit more)

I had some diced red onions in the fridge, so they went in too.

What else is in your fridge? That extra bell pepper that you meant to throw into the salad two days ago? Dice it up and throw it in. A clove of garlic? Sure! Uh oh... green onions need to be used TODAY... throw 'em in!

Want it hot? Throw in some hot chilies... anywhere from jalapeno to habanero, depending on how hot you like it. I tend to keep this mild, since it usually ends up as a couple of different meals. I can always add heat later, but it's much harder to take away heat!

Then cook it down slowly until most of the liquid has cooked off.

I try to break up the chicken in the pan as it's cooking. But sometimes, I don't have time to stand over it at the end. When most of the liquid is cooked off, I'll break it into big chunks, and let it cool a bit. When it's cooled off enough to touch. I'll put it into a Ziplock freezer bag and it's easy to shred through the bag. Last night I had time to break it up as it cooked.

When the chicken is shredded, add a few good shakes of liquid smoke to the chicken and mix.

Now it's ready to star in your favorite Mexican Chicken Recipe!


Bob said...

Shredded chicken rules. My girlfriend isn't too into Mexican, so I don't get to make this kind of stuff much.

~Amber~ said...

This sounds delicious! I made something similar this past weekend. I am going to add your blog to my google reader so I can follow it.

Spryte said...

Cool! I'm really new to this whole blogging thing... it's mostly just recipes... nothing clever to say! =)