Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eggs Over Easy or Instant Gratification

Yup... this morning was all about Instant Gratification!

I opened my eyes a little before 7am this morning, pulled my laptop onto my lap and one of the first things I read was Bob's post over at Cooking Stuff about Fresh Eggs. He's been teasing us with fresh free range eggs for a couple of days now.

I am definitely a breakfast person. I eat breakfast every day. During the week it's usually stuff I have ready to go... a Meatball & Mozzarella Lean Pocket, a quick turkey sandwich, some chicken salad or I drive through McDonald's for a McSkillet Burrito or Wendy's for a Chicken Biscuit on my way to work. I typically don't have time to cook anything for myself, because I'm also getting breakfasts & lunches for the kidlets.

Today I made eggs! Thanks Bob! (and I still made it to work on time) Granted they weren't fresh free range eggs... but they were yummy.

Bob was asking how we feel about runny yolks. I LOVE them. And if I break the yolk, I toss out the egg and start again! That's a bad habit I picked up from my dad. On nights that he got home really late, he'd make some over easy eggs. But if he broke a yolk, he fed it to our dog. (I'm pretty sure she really enjoyed late night eggs with dad!)

Anyway... I can't do sunny side up. Well, I've never tried. I do over easy. Here in Pittsburgh they call them "dippy eggs" My daughter recently tried to order 'dippy eggs' in Virginia and they looked at her like she was dippy! You might not want to call them that in your neck of the woods.

Ok... sorry... so Bob made me make Over Easy Eggs this morning. I over cooked them a bit... but they were still good.

Here they're still sunny side up.

Carefully turned... don't want to break the yolk because I don't have a dog... I wonder if my cats would like them?

Now here's the bad part... I trim away all of the whites... and toss them away. I don't understand how people order egg white omelets and the like.
The yolk is the BEST part!

Buttered toast... I didn't even have any good bread. This is Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Whole Grain White. It's my son's favorite, but I don't like bread that soft. It's toasted, so it will be ok (not great) in this application!

Yolks on toast! It's ok if they break over the toast... but they do have to make it that far!

A little over cooked... but still runny enough.


Lots of pepper and it's breakfast time!

Gee... thanks for almost making me late for work Bob! And I totally forgot my lunch rushing out the door!

But the eggs (although probably not a good and definitely not as pretty as Bob's) were definitely worth it!

Now.... where should I go for lunch.....


Tangled Noodle said...

This is exactly how I like 'em: yolk-y and broken over buttered toast. I already had my yogurt breakfast - this may have to be lunch!

Joelen said...

Yum! I shouldn't have read this before breakfast because now I'm hungry!!

Donna-FFW said...

Simplicity at its very best. I also add loads of black pepper. I am craving this now!

Michele said...

I looove eggs like this. They look great! My mom taught me a little trick. You know how sometimes the egg whites leave a little slime on the top. You know, your yolks are perfect and you're afraid to cook it more...well if you just put a cover on it and turn the heat down it cooks up perfectly!

Maria said...

Too funny, my husband had that same meal last night!

Reeni♥ said...

That is funny how you cut away the white!! But so delicious!! The yolks are the best!

Bob said...

Well, I'd apologize but I don't feel bad about it. ;)