Thursday, February 12, 2009

Egg Salad - Two Ways!

I was dying to try Curried Egg Salad over the weekend. I dunno why. I dig curry and it sounded good and I had tons of eggs. So I picked up some croissants and started boiling eggs.

I asked Tawny if she wanted some and she said, "Can't you just make me one before you add the curry?" Sure.. that's fine... she likes curry... I guess she just wasn't feeling culinarily adventurous.

So... First up... Egg Salad... PLAIN!

I don't like crunchy things in my egg salad. They're fine in tuna salad or chicken salad or turkey salad... but I want my egg salad squishy... ya know? Now that I actually think about it, I want my ham salad squishy too!

Anyway... Plain Egg Salad.... one serving.

Two Eggs! (hard boiled & peeled)

Chop them up. I like to use the pastry cutter for this.




Now just add a bit of mayo and mustard. She selected plain yellow mustard. Also salt & pepper... well... since it was for Tawny, no pepper, but if it was for me, LOTS of pepper!

Mix it up!

That's it. I told you it was plain. But I like it that way!

Load it into your favorite bread and enjoy!!

She thought it was pretty. The girls like having the blog food plate, because it's a little prettier than what often hits the table, since I have to make it look pretty for the pictures!


Now onto Curried Egg Salad. I also asked Jon if he wanted Curried Egg Salad. In the seven plus years we've been together, he has never accepted the offer of an egg salad sandwich, I expected a polite, "No thanks" But, he surprised me and said yes!


Cool... Curried Egg Salad for Two!

Four hard boiled eggs, peeled.

Chop eggs with pastry cutter.

This time I added a bit of mayo, Dijon mustard, salt & pepper and sweet curry powder.

Yeah... still no crunchy things in my egg salad... save the onions & celery for the tuna!

Mix that all together.

And fill your favorite bread!

I loved it! YUM!! And guess what? Jon liked it too!


Bob said...

No pepper in her egg salad? Wtf? How can you have egg salad without pepper?! I've never had it on a croissant either, I bet that's awesome. Now I wish I had more of those eggs... ;)

Spryte said...

I know!! How can anyone eat eggs without pepper?!!

Reeni♥ said...

I've had cold curried chicken salad but never egg. It sounds great!! Especially on a croissant, yum!!

Spryte said...

Isn't everything better on a croissant? Ok, maybe not! But sandwich salads are. =)

DDpie said...

My stomach is seriously growling right now. Croissant- only way to go for that type of thing!

Joelen said...

I love me some egg salad and I even had it for lunch today!

Tangled Noodle said...

What a great idea to use a pastry cutter - I'd probably be slaving over the eggs, trying to chop them up with a knife! Both versions look wonderful - I have all the ingredients so I think I know what's on the menu for lunch tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

holy smokes both of those sandwiches look SO GOOD.

Michele said...

That looks great! I love it in the croissant!

I once tried adding kosher dill pickle relish to my egg salad. I got the idea from Rachael Ray, she put it in her deviled eggs. They were really delicious!

Spryte said...

Oh... that might not be 'too' crunchy! I do like to put them in tuna salad. =)