Thursday, January 22, 2009

January Wine Tasting ~ Part Two ~ Riesling

Ok… more January Wine Tasting ~ Riesling.

Of course this is Jon and me.

Returning tasters: Ericka & Drew (isn’t Ericka adorable??)

And last, but certainly not least our newest tasters: Whitney & Jeff

Most bottles said that Riesling pairs well with spicy foods. So I made some Spicy Empanadas, and some Spicy Curried Potato Pockets… I guess it was a little like a Baked Samosa, but I dunno… I was just winging it with spicy flavors I enjoy! Also I had a fruit plate with red grapes, cantaloupe and Granny Smith apples. I picked up a Morbier Cheese. I had never tried Morbier before and really loved it! It has creamy texture and a mild buttery flavor. Ericka & Drew brought a very tasty Bleu Cheese that was on the mild side, but had just the right bite. Whitney & Jeff brought a Cold Crab Dip that was out of this world. I could have eaten the entire thing by myself! They also brought a Steelers cake!

First up was the wine I picked up. I wanted something similar to the V. Sattui Winery Off Dry Johannisberg Riesling that I had at Whitney’s on New Year’s Day.

Name:Hermann J Wiemer Riesling Semi-Dry
Price: $16.99
Year: 2006
PHOTO of bottle


Short intro from the wine maker about the wine:
Nothing about the ‘wine’ on the bottle… only the winery… this is from the website: Semi-Dry Rheingau style Riesling with ripe, expressive nose with fresh and floral notes of citrus and lime fruit. Nice texture and some sweetness balanced by complex minerality with a soft citrus finish.

~Marguerite – Wow! I couldn’t pick out any specific flavors, but it was a nice fresh crisp flavor and I really enjoyed it.

~Jon – I like it! It’s very sweet

~Ericka – Smells fruity…ohhhh… that’s nice!
Better for food pairing – cleaner lighter taste

~Drew – I like it. It’s good

~Whitney – Smells… mmmmmm… not dry at all

~Jeff – I could drink this (Jeff is a fellow non-wine drinker… but even more so than Jon and me)

Would you buy again? Definitely

Wine Pairing Ideas/Recipes: Hmmm… I’m still not very good at this part. I liked to drink this with no food I think!

Ericka picked out the next wine.

Name: Graff Fraacher Himmelreich Riesling Spatlese
Price: $9.99
Year: 2007
PHOTO of bottle


Short intro from the wine maker about the wine:
From the famous “Heavenly Kingdom” vineyard in the town off Graach. This lovely Mosel Riesling has a bouquet and flavor profile reminiscent of lime, apricots and citrus fruit. Sweet, but crisp, and a perfect match with seafood, salads, and spicy cuisine.

~Marguerite – Sweet, I can taste the apricot. It’s almost fizzy. Nice after some grapes

~Jon – No smell… very sweet

~Ericka – mmmmm…. Really different from the Wiemer… kinda fizzy…. Likes the Wiemer better with spicy… has almost a liqueur aftertaste… is better for a dessert wine… almost effervescent

~Drew – sweeter than the Wiemer… a German maiden’s bare foot

~Whitney – Not as fragrant as Wiemer… smooth… kind of like Champagne without bubbles… nice after spicy

~Jeff – almost like a liqueur… has an aftershock

Would you buy again? Hmm… not if I could find the V Sattui or Hermann Wiemer

Wine Pairing Ideas/Recipes: yeah… I’m still not good at this… I liked it best without food.

And the first of two wines that Whitney picked.

Name: Kallfelz Estate Single Vineyard Riesling Kabinett
Price: $14.99 (on sale… regular price $23.99)
Year: 2006
PHOTO of bottle


Short intro from the wine maker about the wine:
Intensive bouquet with ripe and matured fruit aromas. This wine has a rich, long lasting aftertaste.

~Marguerite – Strong smell – I took a sip and made a squinchy face… it puckers my tongue… yuck after grapes

~Jon – Aromatic – likes it

~Ericka – Smells like Wiemer… fizzy feel… not as sweet… more citrusy

~Drew – Great! Not too sweet… sharp… kinda spicy

~Whitney – a little drier… lingering aftertaste…

~Jeff – Oh NO!

Would you buy again? No… I didn’t like this one

Wine Pairing Ideas/Recipes: Sorry…no…

And our final wine of the evening… also picked by Whitney…

Name: Columbia Winery Cellarmaster’s Riesling
Price: $6.99
Year: 2007
PHOTO of bottle


Short intro from the wine maker about the wine:
Our Cellarmaster’s Riesling offers fragrant honey, pear and apricot aromas that lead to delectable fruit flavors and crisp acidity. Enjoy with spicy foods, fresh fruit desserts or sipping on your deck or patio.

~Marguerite – Smells sweet… tastes sweet… syrupy sweet… tastes less sweet and more enjoyable after grapes

~Jon – Sweet like a wine cooler

~Ericka – Smells milder than the Wiemer and Kallfelz… likes the honey flavor… awesome to just drink, sipping by the fire… very nice alone

~Drew – Very sweet

~Whitney – Very mild – after Mexican Empanada it tastes like apple streusel

~Jeff - smooth

Would you buy again? No… too sweet

Wine Pairing Ideas/Recipes:
It’s so sweet it could ‘be’ dessert.

So… Our picks in order of favorite to least favorite

Marguerite ~ Wiemer, Graff, Columbia, Kallfelz
Jon ~ Columbia, Kallfelz, Graff, Wiemer
Ericka ~ Wiemer, Columbia, Graff, Kallfelz
Drew ~ Kallfelz, Wiemer, Graff, Columbia
Whitney ~ Columbia, Wiemer, Graff, Kallfelz
Jeff ~ Columbia, Wiemer, Graff, Kallfelz

Overall the Columbia was a favorite and the Kallfelz was the least favored (the Kallfelz was also the most expensive.

A few more pics from the evening…

Ericka’s fun campy wine sipping pose

Fruit Plate

Morbier… apparently it has a very pungent aroma. I hadn’t noticed and enjoyed it so much that I refused to ‘smell’ it!


According to Drew this is a funky cool pic…

My super cool wine bucket aka stock pot!

And dessert!! Pittsburgh’s Going to the Super Bowl!!!

I started the little Pittsburgh chapter of the BakeSpace Wine Club as an educational adventure. I don't like wine, or at least I didn't. I was just hoping to learn a little more about it and maybe stumble over wine that I do like. It took three wines... but I found one I that I like! Thank you BakeSpace Wine Club!!


Bob said...

Yay wine! Heh, my girlfriend didn't think riesling was gross. One step closer for her too. :)

Spryte said...

Nice!! I'm still a little surprised that I actually like wine!

Reeni♥ said...

What fun! I love the cake!

bensbaby116 said...

This looks like such a fun get together! I love the idea of posting everyone's reactions to the wine.