Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lobster Rolls... OK really just Lobster Salad in Rolls

Lobster Rolls!! One of the foods I miss most from Boston. I haven't found ANYPLACE at all that makes them in Pittsburgh.

And I didn't really make Lobster Rolls, because they aren't in the proper bread to be a Lobster Roll.

Of course everyone knows that Lobster Rolls MUST be served in a New England Style Hot Dog Bun!
Top split and toasted on both sides.

I had to use soft dinner rolls... because you can't find New England Style Hot Dog Buns here either!

So I got it in my head that I wanted to make Lobster (in) Rolls.

Being land locked in Pittsburgh, means fresh seafood options are often expensive. But at this point, I didn't care. I wanted to make Lobsters Rolls and I didn't really care how much it was going to cost.

First stop Wholey's website. YIKES!! 1 - 1 1/2 pound lobsters $22.00 EACH!!! Maybe I'll check at the nicer Giant Eagle locations to see what they have. YAY! They just happened to be having a Live Lobster Sale!! $9.99/pound! PLUS they would steam them for free!!! Can't beat that!!

I was prepared to steam them myself. I've only done that one other time and to be honest, all the thrashing about makes me squinchy! I was wicked happy they steamed them for me!

Here they are!

Oh yeah... they will be salad!!

There aren't many ingredients in Lobster Salad.

Celery (diced)
Salt & Pepper

That's it!

Since I wanted this to be special, I also decided to make Shane's Homemade Mayonnaise. See his recipe over on Culinary Alchemy.

If you've never made Homemade Mayonnaise, I HIGHLY recommend it!

Ok... back to the Lobster Salad!

First, you need to shell the lobsters.

I have almost no experience with this. I've never ordered a whole lobster. I always eat lobster IN stuff. Stuff that someone else usually makes.

This took me quite a while. And lobsters have wicked hard pokey parts. So it was a little hurty at times!

Ok... so I have one of the lobster carry-out boxes to toss shells in, a lobster cracker, some scissors (someday I'll get some actual kitchen scissors), and a bowl for lobster meat.


Knuckle meat...

Mmmm.... my favorite!! I showed it to Jon, but he really was NOT interested. He only wants his lobster hot...

Like Homer...

Mmmmm..... lobster...
Oh, God, that's tasty! I wish Pinchy were here to enjoy this.

Oops... sorry...

Then pull off the tails...

Cut down the underside with scissors

Open it up...

Yank Slide the meat out...


The red stuff is Coral or Lobster Roe.

It's only red after it's cooked.

It's totally edible and really good.

I pulled it all out...

But I ended up not doing anything with it. Only for lack of having a timely plan.

Mmmm... more meat...

On to the claws!


Look at that bowl FILLED with lobster!!

So while I was picking those apart. I was totally sucking the meat out of lobster legs and little flappy tail pieces. YUM!

When I finally got all the meat out, I could make the Lobster Salad.

Chop the lobster into bite-sized pieces...

Finely chop a stalk or two of celery (depending on how much lobster you have)

Toss them together...

Add a dollop of Homemade Mayo...

You want to add enough to just coat the pieces. It shouldn't be too wet.

Plus a little salt & pepper to taste...

Now it's ready!

I stuffed it into soft dinner rolls...

But you could put it on top of a nice bed of lettuce too. Or into a big sub roll for a giant Lobster Sub!

I have to say, I was wicked happy with these!!

Darnit now I want another one!!!

I wonder if Giant Eagle is having a sale...


Hey there! It's almost a year later and guess what?!

I do have actual kitchen scissors now!

That's not the main reason for pulling up this post. Heather over at girlichef invited me to participate in Two for Tuesdays! Blog Hop Carnival! So I decided to channel my inner carnie and look for a post that features REAL FOOD! I didn't make the rolls for this... but I did make the mayo! For me, that's as real as it gets! Although, everytime I see another post for Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day, I get closer and closer to making my own bread!!

Anyway! This is my first submission (hopefully of many!) to Two for Tuesdays! Blog Hop Carnival!


Feel like channeling your inner carnie? Come play along!!


Bella Foxglove said...

Yummy, these look really good, and fairly easy to make...I will have to give these a try, thank you for sharing!

( I am new to your blog btw, but I love it so far! )

Spryte said...

Bella... thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment!! I really appreciate it!

I love love love lobster rolls and was so happy these came out so good!

Cathy said...

lmao - I'd buy the lobster in a can ;) But...I also love having a freshly boiled lobster with melted butter.........if someone else does the maiming part for me.

Denise said...

Those are fantastic. I love lobster but anm a bit squeamish about steaming them myself, poor guys.....

Danielle said...

this looks really good! I love lobster but it doesn't love me :(

Joelen said...

These look FANTASTIC! Great job and now I want lobster - lol

Bob said...

Pinchy would have wanted it that way. :D

Heh, nice. My sister had a hard time (read: impossible) finding NE hot dog rolls out west too. So sad. I saw a show where Sarah Moultin made her own by slicing the sides of of crappy rest-of-the-world hot dog buns, that might work for you out in the wilds there. ;)

Alaskan Dermish in the Kitch said...

Wow, 9.99 a pound plus they steam them.. what a deal!!!

I can't find NE rolls up here either and have been seriously thinking of purchasing a hot dog pan to make my own.

Patti T. said...

My husband and BIL came back from the grocery store all excited one day, both talking at the same time, trying to tell me the most awesome thing they found at the grocery store, New England hot dog rolls. My BIL travels to Maine a good bit and always stops and gets lobster rolls on the way there and of course on the way back. We got ours at Giant, which I thought was a division of Giant Eagle. You might try seeing if they could order some for you. Just a thought. The homemade mayo, just had to make these the best ever!

tamilyn said...

There are so many seafood recipes on the blogoshpere lately. They look so tasty, but alas, I haven't found any seafood I like yet. Sigh.

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

These look great! I have never had a lobster roll, but they are on the list!
I am grabbing a button for my rogues gallery.

Spryte said...

@Cathy... lobster comes in a can?? hehe

@Bob... I was hoping someone would mention Pinchy!! I was thinking it would be my friend Ericka! hehehe

@Moni... if anyone can make their own NE hotdog buns, it's YOU!

@Patti... I'll be in MA in two weeks... and there IS a lobster roll in my future!

@Natashya... I've been meaning to add your button too! It's done now!

teresa said...

oh my goodness, these look absolutely irresistable!

Ciao Chow Linda said...

I want one of those - or three or four. Your step-by-step was great and loved the description along the way. The homemade mayo makes this over-the-top delish.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

I love lobstah rolls! They are so good, and a summer staple in New England! Oh how I miss it so!!!

Debbie said...

I've never made lobster salad. It jsut looks so good. I LOVE the lobster meat that is in the claws! Yum!

Cheryl said...

Man, heard of it, seen it on TV, never had it. Bring me one STAT! LOL

Ingrid said...

Boy you guys eat GOOD! You want another one? I want one!

matt74 said...

WOW!..those look really really good!..not only does the sandwich look great the lobster looks super fresh and healthy..you must have a really good fish monger..lucky girl!

Courtney said...

Gosh these look yummy!!

Kevin said...

Those lobster rolls look so tasty! I have yet to try cooking with lobster at home.

Culinary Alchemist said...

OK, Now I am dying for some lobstah... Can ya toss one of those my way... ;) DELISH!!!

girlichef said...

Holy cow....I want to come over for about 10 of these!! Absolutely amazing. The tamal &/or roe is makes a delicious butter! Mix it in & toss w/ pasta, etc. mmmmmmm. :D

girlichef said...

Hey, look at me...commenting right after myself, almost a year later, LOL!!! Again, YUM! I love lobster! LOL, Homer ;) thanks for submitting these to Two for Tuesdays!! You did it just right...looking forward to more!

Bethany said...

Oh, you totally inspired me... now I want to go out and buy lobster! I wonder if you could just mix the roe in with the lobster salad?
Thanks so much for adding this to Two for Tuesday!

Alex@amoderatelife said...

Ok, so now this means I have to make lobster rolls for my husband instead of waiting for our trip to New England every year? LOL another great recipe and thanks again for joining the blog hop!

Robin Webster said...

You know, I hope you've been in the 'burgh now long enough to know they DO make great Lobster Rolls at Wholey's on The Strip.