Thursday, April 2, 2009

Deep Fried Stuff ~It's What's for Dessert!

Jon LOVES Deep Fried Desserts! The first one I ever made was Deep Fried Candy Bars. They came out great!

Last summer I think, we saw Robert Irvine make Deep Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches on some TV show. I looked at Jon and could tell he definitely wanted me to make him one!

Now when I deep fry stuff for dessert, Tawny and Jon try to think of things we have that I can batter and fry.

It always reminds me of the Saddlesore Galactica episode of The Simpsons when Homer says, "See Marge? I told you they could deep-fry my shirt." and Marge replies, "I didn't say they couldn't, I said you shouldn't!" That episode also has Furious D.. I love that episode!



I made Deep Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly for Jon. Since I was deep frying... I also made Deep Fried Oreos, Deep Fried Nutella Sandwich and I tried to Deep Fry Chocolate Covered Donuts...


You'll need is

Sweet Sandwiches
~You're only limited by your imagination here.
Maybe cake?
Your favorite pancake recipe
Oil for frying
Your favorite toppings

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Nutella Sandwich (maybe add some sliced bananas!)

An assortment of goodies to batter & fry!
Peanut butter & jelly sandwich, Nutella sandwich, Oreos, Chocolate covered donuts, Nutty Bar

Heat oil (vegetable, canola or peanut) to 350F.

Dip your yummies into the pancake batter and coat completely.


Gently place in hot oil.

When it puffs up, flip it over.



Drain on cloth or napkin covered wire rack.

Garnish with powdered sugar... cinnamon sugar... whipped cream... ice cream... sauces... fruit... whatever you like!

On to the next one!






The inside gets soft and yummy!

Next I tried chocolate covered donuts. These didn't work out very well.


As soon as they hit the hot oil, the chocolate melted and slipped off with the pancake batter.

They ended up being fried donuts and slightly chocolaty fried dough.

Since they didn't work, I didn't try the Nutty Bar. It also has a thin chocolate coating and probably wouldn't have worked. The candy bars work because there is much more chocolate and they start out chilled.

I could try chilling the donuts first next time; but how much stuff do we really need to be able to eat deep fried??

So anyway... last, but certainly not least... Nutella sandwich.


This tasted just like a Nutella Donut!!

If you want a very naughty dessert... break out the deep fryer & the pancake batter!


Donna-FFW said...

Naughty desserts are so my style. The naughtier the better!! They look wonderful to me and I bet they are sooo elicious. What a treat!

Debbie said...

Oh those all look so good, especially the oreos. I could just see me eating a ton of them!

DDpie said...

Holly crap! I'm having a heart attack up in herya! LOL I don't fry that much, maybe only once or twice a year, we have "fair food nite"...I'm thinking those oreos are gonna have to be on the menu!

Culinary Alchemist said...

Totally Decadent.. Slightly Wrong.. But Good Lord... Pass me a Nutella Sandwich!! Totally delish!!

Michele said...

My favs are the pb&j and the nutella sammys! They look insanely good! Which were your favorites?

Bob said...

... oh wow. What are you trying to do, kill me? Those look so frickin good. All of them. I love deep fried anything. :D

Spryte said...

Donna... I thought all you needed for a naughty dessert was chocolate sauce, whipped cream and your FFH!

Debbie... they are very popular at my house!

DD... PERFECT for fair food night!

Shane... yeah... the Nutella was great!

Michele... honestly... they're all a little too sweet for me... but I'd go with the Nutella. =)

Natashya said...

You get the Elvis Lives award! Way to deep fry! I want to try that with my son, he'd love it.

girlichef said...

OMG Woman! You're killing me...I've always wanted to try a deep fried candy bar. One of my favorite deep fried things...pickles! Another..Monte Cristo's! mmmm, I'm in a deep-frying mood now :)

Kathleen said...

Hi Spryte!
I saw a comment on another blog I read and I remembered you from HTE..remembered your container garden!
Come visit ...

Danielle said...

omg...thats just not fair!! oreos? pb&j sammiches!! are you going to make me ask for a fry daddy for mothers day? LOL

Lara said...

Wow! These look totally amazing! Evil too, but worth a try...especially the Nutella creation.

Tangled Noodle said...

The only time I see this much deep-fried temptation is at the state fair. For the sake of my heart and my waistline, I'll just admire these from the screen!

Spryte said...

Natashya... Elvis Lives.... I LOVE it!!

Heather... I've been dying to try deep fried pickles!

Kathleen... I LOVE your blog!!!!

Lara... they ARE evil!

Tangled... we get a little scary over here with the deep fried stuff!

Dara said...

I am a huge deep fried dessert fan as well! I have deep fried twinkies, cupcakes,candy bars,and I am definitely going to try the deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich! I use a funnel cake batter recipie for my batter. Its not to sweet, and it lends its flavor to whatever you are frying! My bf loves it! When you do the doughnuts next time, freeze them first. By the time your batter fries, the doughnuts get hot enough to get ooey gooey, not fried and icky! Just a little trick for ya!