Monday, December 29, 2008

My Big 10 Inch

Jon usually gets me really cool Christmas presents and this year was no exception!!

What girl doesn't want to find 10 inches under the tree??

Oh yeah! I'm totally spoiled!

Here's my Big Ten Inch!!


mmmm... yeah!!!
10 full inches of forged steel... hand honed for razor sharpness!!

My brand new 10 inch Wusthof Classic Chef's Knife!

For a little size perspective...

I feel like a Samurai or The Highlander wielding that in the kitchen!

"There can be only ONE!"

Ok, maybe not The Highlander, because I could never give up Tippy... my beautiful 8in Wusthof! Even with a broken tip, I will never give up this knife!


Happiness is a sharp knife (or two!)


Bob said...

Nice. And so suggestive. ;)

Michele said...

Haha! That was great!

Spryte said...