Monday, July 26, 2010

Steak & Cheese Subs

So it's been a bazillion degrees here in Pittsburgh this summer. And I really hate the heat. Hot & Humid for as long as I can remember... that makes for a cranky cranky Spryte.

It's Sunday, hot and humid as usual. I had to come up with a dinner plan. I had chicken in the fridge and I really wanted to make Fried Chicken. Tawny probably really wanted me to make it too. It's her FAVORITE dinner. But the thought of standing over an iron skillet, filled with 350 degree oil did not sound appealing at all!

Jon and I were at the grocery store... wandering around, trying to figure out what to make for dinner. He noticed that the footlong hotdogs are 6 to a package and so are the buns! I was kinda thinking footlong chili cheese dogs, but he wasn't really into it. I really wasn't either, cuz I really wanted fried chicken.

He kept tossing out suggestions and I kept shooting them down. I just wasn't feelin' it!

Finally he suggested CheeseSteak Hoagies. That's Steak & Cheese Subs where I'm from!

I had never made Steak & Cheese subs before. Well, not with actual meat. Only with Steak Ums. I'm not really sure what those are, but they are SO greasy & gross, I vowed NEVER to use them again!

I found some thin sliced round steaks, we grabbed those, checked out and headed back outside into the steamy weather for our walk home from the grocery store!


Steak & Cheese Subs
Round Steak, thinly sliced, then chopped
Yellow Onion
Salt & Pepper
Sub Rolls

*you can totally add other stuff... and I did for Jon & Tawny & Ryan (Ryan is Tawny's boyfriend) But I like them simple!

So I started with a big package of sandwich steak...

Sliced it up thin...

Then hit it with some double knife cross cutting action to make the pieces even smaller...

And into a hot skillet with a bit of oil...

Intermission time...

Ya know what's wicked funny? While I was making these, just at about this point, Jon was perusing Facebook on his phone and noticed his friend Noah was in Philly at Geno's! I instantly asked if he was going to Pat's too! As it turned out he was on his own little CheeseSteak Taste Tour in Philly, while I was making them at home! Crazy right? He also went to a place called Tony Luke's. Based on Noah's pictures alone, I'd choose Pat's. Geno's had the SKIMPIEST cheesesteak I've ever seen in my life! But, if I ever get the chance to go to Philly, I'll definitely try them all!

Anyway... back to my Steak & Cheese Subs!!

Jon doesn't like onions... the skillet above is actually just for him...

But now I'll skip forward a bit...

Everyone else really likes onions... so after making Jon's sammie, which you'll see at the end, I tossed some thinly sliced yellow onions into the skillet.


Mmmm... the sizzle and instant onion aroma when they hit the skillet...


Aren't they gorgeous? I wish I could make this a Scratch-n-Sniff post, because that smelled amazing...

Then added the steak...

Mmmm... onions & steak... cooking together happily in the iron skillet...

Now to portion out the meat & onions and top with some provolone cheese slices to start melting...


Jon like his roll slathered in mayo...

So I topped that with the gooey melty cheesy steak...

Plus black olives & pickles, lettuce & salt & pepper...

Actually, Tawny's & Ryan's were pretty much the same, except they had onions, but no mayo.

Mine is just meat & cheese and salt & pepper!

These were wicked good!! I spent a good bit of time proclaiming my awesomeness after I finished these!

The only thing that would have made them better?

Homemade Sub Rolls!

I really want to try baking my own bread and am often inspired by these Bread Baking Goddesses!!

Natashya at Living in the Kitchen with Puppies
Heather at girlichef
Danielle at Cooking for My Peace of Mind

Whether you bake your own sub rolls or go with some nice bakery rolls... if you love Steak & Cheese, I highly recommend this wicked fast, wicked easy, wicked yummy sub!


Peter M said...

So, if you live outside of Philadelphia - you cut the Philly out of the name? ;)

I love these sangwiches...hit me up!

Bob said...

Those *do* look wicked good! I love steak and cheese, there's a place down the street from me that does an awesome one.

I don't think I've made anything close since the last time I used Steakums myself, as a matter of fact. And that was when I was like 15, so it's not really my fault! Heh.

Patti T. said...

Dang, when I was at the butcher shop this week I longingly looked at the shaved steak and thought about making Philly style cheese steaks, now I am wishing I would have got them. If you can find the shaved beef it is so much easier and quicker to cook. I have had Pat's, Geno's and Jim's cheesesteaks and am determined to try a Tony Luke's, they use sharp provolone and have broccoli rabe in them I think. I am a no onion fan also. You did a great job, but you know in Philly most places use Chez Whiz, I won't tell on you. I much prefer provolone. On the steakums, in the 70's I read the ingredient list and have never purchased them again, yuck!!

Spryte said...

@Patti... I meant to mention Whiz! I'm definitely NOT a fan... but I think everyone in my house except Tawny would probably prefer it!

Cookiebaker said...

I love Philly Cheese Steaks and these look delicious!

sandwhichisthere said...
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Danielle said...

These look so good, I swear I can smell them. I just sent the man a text to see if he wants cheese steak subs for dinner! (waiting for his reply).
Thanks for the shout out...although I wouldn't consider myself a goddess! LMAO But if you're serious about the whole berad thing that I whole heartedly recommend Artisan Bread in 5 and / or Healthy Bread in 5 :)

girlichef said...

Aw, you totally rock, M (thanks for the awesome shout-out)!! First off...droooool! I loooove steak n cheese hoagies/subs! And a trip to the corner where Geno's & Pat's are is one of my "dream" destinations....I've just GOT to try both for myself. You know. Just to see. ;)

teresa said...

i've lived in philly for two years now and still haven't visited any of those three places! yours looks SOOOO good, i love those caramelized onions!

Mom on the Run said...

Spryte!!! How are you?

Those subs look amazing. It has been so hot here in CT as well. The only way I will even embark on cooking lately is if I have the A/C on.

Cheryl said...

That looks damn wickedly delish and I think I shall make them this weekend! Thanks for sharing!

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