Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Stone Sangria

There was no sangria last week. Well... I did make one... but it was a FAIL... but this week definitely more than makes up for it!

Summer Stone Sangria!

It's summer time and what would be a perfect addition to sangria?

Summer Stone Fruit!

I'm still working through my wine cabinet. This week I pulled out a Fat Cat Pinot Noir.


Summer Stone Sangria
1 (750 ml) bottle Fat Cat Pinot Noir
2/3 C Slivovitz (plum brandy)
1 C Apricot Nectar
2 Nectarines, sliced
1 Black Plum, sliced
1 Red Plum, sliced
1 Black Velvet Apricot, sliced
1 big handful Cherries, sliced
Ginger Ale

Mix all ingredients except ginger ale and refrigerate several hours to overnight.
When ready to serve, pour over ice and top off with ginger ale!



Chop up all of the fruit.

Mix it with the wine, apricot nectar and slivovitz and refrigerate.



I was a little afraid it would be too strong with the Slivovitz... or too winey... since I'm not a wine fan in general...

It was great straight... and great with ginger ale!

I loved it!

Definitely a winner!!


Patti T. said...

Spryte, all these great sangria recipes are going to drive me to drink, ha ha. They all sound so good, this last one might be the one I think sounds the best.

Donna-FFW said...

LOVE this!! LOVE!LOVE! Plum brandy sounds fantastic!! Will be trying this!

Danielle said...

ooooh...plum brandy!! I've never had that before. This sounds wonderfully refreshing :)