Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Onion Dip

At first I thought it would be stupid to blog about this. I mean who hasn't made onion dip with sour cream and onion soup mix?

But then I decided to just put it up here anyway.

Onion Dip reminds me of my dad. He passed away when I was 19. I never really got to cook for my dad. I did make Potato Salad that he enjoyed. Actually, potato salad and my dad reminds of a story about him. One day when I was in high school, I was skipping school with my cousin Sue. I know. I know. You're stunned that Spryte ever skipped school! Shhhh... don't tell my mom... or my kids... thankfully, my kids don't read this! Anyway... my mom dropped me off at school. I met my cousin Sue at the front door and we walked back to my house. I decided I wanted some Potato Salad and whipped up a batch. We just finished making it and getting everything cleaned up when we noticed my dad's car pull up! Uh oh! Dad worked for the town and often came home for break or lunch. So Sue and I rushed to my room and intended to quietly wait him out. He had no reason to suspect anyone was home, so we figured it would be cool. We heard him come in and open up the fridge. Then he said, "Oh! Potato Salad! Hmm... it's still warm..." Then he says, "Peg??" The potato salad was still warm and he guessed that I was there! SHIT! Knowing I was busted, I just said, "yeah dad?" He asked if I'd just made potato salad, so I told him I did and encouraged him to have some. Then he asked why I wasn't at school. I mumbled something about teacher conferences, trying to play it off like I was supposed to be home. He just said, "oh" and had some potato salad. Yes! He bought it! Home free! He finished up his potato salad and was leaving to go back to work. He was half way down the walk. I was standing in the door waving goodbye and he turned back to look at me and said, "Peg. You can't snow the snowman." BUSTED! He knew all along. But that's all he ever said!

Anyway... lots of times when I'm making something, I'll think to myself that my dad would have really liked it, like he enjoyed the potato salad that day.

So why does onion dip remind me of him?

Back in the olden days, when I was a kid we only had one TV. When there's only one TV... guess who decides what you watch? Yep... Dad. (except when M.A.S.H. was on... Mum's favorite) We'd watch old TV shows like The Untouchables, Baretta, Dragnet or those old John Wayne war movies or westerns. The movies I could totally do without... but all the old gangster movies and The Untouchables... I LOVED that! I still do!

Anyway... you're still wondering what this has to do with onion dip. It's simple.

Dad's favorite TV snack. I can't picture him watching TV without a bowl of onion dip in front of him.

When he would settle down on the couch to watch TV, Mum would whip up a bowl of Onion Dip and grab a bag of Ruffles.

So... incase for some reason, you've never tried it, here's the recipe!

I'm not usually a slave to brand names, actually just the opposite. But for this, it's Lipton Onion Soup Mix and Ruffles Potato Chips. ALWAYS

Onion Dip
1 envelope Lipton Onion Soup Mix
16 oz sour cream

Mix until well combined. Serve with Ruffles Potato Chips.




So that's it! I make it often. My kids love it. I love it. It always reminds me of Dad.


Oh... and if you're gonna skip school... and you make potato salad... and someone comes home... take it with you! Don't leave it in the fridge... the warmth will give you away!


Danielle said...

what a great story :) and yes...lipton and ruffles...the perfect combo. Love it!

Cookiebaker said...

Isn't funny how so many foods remind us of our parents. I love onion dip with Ruffles too....Ruffles are my favorite potato chip. Loved your skipping school story!

Patti T. said...

This was so much more than a recipe, I loved that you shared a part of your life with us, your Dad seemed like a cool guy.

tamilyn said...

I almost made it last night to go with our sandwiches! With that big bag of ruffles in the pantry :)

~Chris said...

OK, so I'm a big mush ... I actually welled up when I got to "You can't snow the snowman" line! Great story. I thought you were gonna say he complimented your mom on the potato salad that night and you got busted when she said she didn't make it. Yup ... gotta have the Ruffles! ;)

Suzan Brown-Aliberti said...

I remember the day, like it was yesterday! Food is a funny thing. It does much more, than just nourish our body. The memories nourish our soul! Now I must make onion dip!

rebekah said...

very lovely post, my dear.

you know, i was just thinking yesterday that one of my guiltiest of pleasures is a tub of that french onion dip they sell at the grocery stores and those ruffled chips. i'm going to have to make this dip because i don't think they sell it here... so thank you for posting this!

teresa said...

sweet post. i grew up eating this too, one of my faves!

Deborah said...

I love food that brings back memories! And now I want to run to the store to make some onion dip!

your daughter said...

Your kid just read it ... too bad I already knew ! =P