Saturday, October 16, 2010

Coffee Frappe

That's pronounced Kawfee Frap.

It's not a Frappé (frappay)

A frappe is a thick milkshake containing ice cream. It doesn't have to be coffee flavored, but that's my favorite. I grew up in the Boston area, and it seems not everyone calls them that.

Nowadays, you get frozen coffee drinks and they are often called frappé (frappay). But those are coffee blended with ice; not thick milkshakes with ice cream.

You can really make one with just milk & ice cream.

But this is the grown up version!


Premium coffee ice cream
coffee syrup
espresso powder
coffee liqueur

If you're not in New England, good luck finding coffee syrup!!

I usually pick some up every time I visit mum. You can probably get it online too!

Throw everything in the blender and blend!!


Yours doesn't have to be coffee... it can be whatever flavor you like!

Now enjoy!


The Food Hound said...

Not a big fan of the cup you're using for the Frappe (haha, we are Patriots fans :) but I LOVE the idea of the Frappe! The Booze Hound is a coffee ADDICT and would love this.

Spryte said...

@The Food Hound... Ahahaha... I didn't even think of that! When the Steelers are playing the Pats... I still root for the Pats! ;)

Patti T. said...

My son has that glass! He is a huge fan. OOooh and the drink sounds yummy. For years believe it or not, I could not imagine why people would drink coffee cold?! I am a convert now.

Joanna said...

Wait, that isn't Autocrat! LOL, I'm a Rhode Islander, where the official state drink is Cawfee milk. I have to drive back there to stock up since I can't find Autocrat syrup in Jersey. And we have frappes to, but even better is a cabinet :)