Tuesday, August 14, 2012


August 14th is National Creamsicle Day!

This is a grown up version of the ice cream pop you used to get from the Ice-Cream Man when you were a kid. If you're in Bartlesville, OK, I bet you can get one from my Uncle David's ice cream truck!

I think this is one of my sister Jeannie's favorites. As soon as I heard National Creamsicle Day was coming up I thought of her and asked her to make one for the blog. Being the awesome sister that she is, she agreed.


Licor 43
Vanilla Vodka
Orange Juice
16 oz Tupperware Shaker

Use any 16 ounce shaker.  Jeannie said any shaker, but I'd go with a Tupperware one, that has the measurements on it.
Start by filling it completely full of ice.
Then fill 1/3 full with Licor 43 To the 6oz marker
Next add Vanilla Vodka (about half the amount of the Licor 42) To the 10oz marker
Then add Orange Juice (the same amount as the Vanilla Vodka) To the 14oz marker
Last add a splash of cream (roughly an ounce - I use Fat Free half & half and pretend that makes it Weight Watcher friendly) To the 15oz marker with whatever milky product you choose
Strain into the glass of your choice (makes roughly a 9 oz drink... can be served over ice too)

I'll actually be up at her house tomorrow... I'll have her make me one!

You should try one too!

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