Monday, January 18, 2010

Hotdog & Cheese Fries Omelet

So I was trying to decide what to make for breakfast yesterday.

What I really wanted was a Breakfast Burrito, but I didn't have any sausage.

So while standing looking into the freezer, waiting for something to jump out at me, I noticed half a bag of frozen french fries.

Then I remembered Bob's post over at Cooking Stuff, about using leftover fries.

I figured to a family of five, half a bag of frozen fries counts as leftovers, then tried to think of something cool to do with them.

For whatever reason, probably the lack of sausage, I thought I'd add them to hotdogs in some kind of egg thing.

Yeah... hotdogs & fries in an omelet... with cheese! Isn't everything better with cheese?


So I cooked up the fries really fast in the toaster oven.

Fried up some hotdogs and a shallot that was just sitting on the counter.

Then I poured some eggs whisked with a milk and salt and pepper into my non-stick skillet and let them start to set up.

When the eggs were mostly set... I added some sliced hotdogs, cut up french fries, fried shallots and shredded cheddar cheese.

Then fold it over...

Yeah... first one... not so pretty...

But they get better looking as I go!

By the time I got to the 5th one... they look pretty decent!

Now when I was almost done making these, it occurred to me that these would have been a million times better with chili!! For Chili Dog & Fries Omelets. But I didn't think of it in time. Maybe next time!

You might think this sounds weird or gross... but I'll tell you what... they were pretty damn good!

My picky family of five all ate them, with no adjustments... to me that counts as a crowd pleaser!


Bob said...

Uhm, awesome. I never would have thought to put hot dogs in an omelet, but they're just sausage. It would totally work. If everyone ate it happily then it's a winner, what better measurement is there?

Thanks for the shout out!

Cinnamon-Girl♥ said...

What a unique and delicious omelet! So hearty. I love the chili idea!

teresa said...

oh this would be a hit at our house, for sure!

Mom on the Run said...

My family would love this omelet!

I stink at making omelets. They always break apart.

tamilyn said...

It has it all-meat, starch, cheese, egg. Yummy!

Patti T. said...

This omelet would make my hubby a very happy man! Especially with the addition of chili!!

Kim said...

Just came over from my tasty treasures and I love your blog! I think hot dog and fry omeletes sound wonderful and my family (especially my husband) would love them. Great idea :D

loneilteaches said...

Sounds delicious - and the chili would be a great bonus! If the family ate it and was happy there isnt anything better.

angelinthekitchen said...

This is an awesome idea! Love it!

Danielle said... dogs for breakfast! thats awesome. I bet chili would've been great!

dining table said...

This can be a nice breakfast for me! This is lovely. Love egg and hotdogs so much.