Monday, September 19, 2011

Hotdogs & Beans aka Saturday Night Supper

Hiya! I know last time I was here, I said I'd be around more, then I promptly fell off the face of the Earth! As it turned out I had an unexpectedly, unbelievably hectic summer and did almost no cooking at all. Just ask my family... they'll totally back me up on the no cooking thing!

Anyway, I'm back! I think. I kinda hesitate to say that again. But well, here I am!

Soooo.... I was out on Saturday at Market District in Robinson to see FoodTV's Aarón Sanchez do a cooking demo and get him to autograph his new cookbook. He's totally my favorite Chopped judge.


That was a fun time. Aarón commented on how well stocked the grocery store was. While I was in line waiting for an autograph, I noticed they do have a very well stocked meat department.


I wasn't looking for Python... but if it hadn't been $30 a pound, I definitely would have tried some!

But after the demo, I figured in this extremely well stocked grocery store, it would be easy for me to find Root-beer Concentrate and Malted Milk Powder. I needed them for a couple of new recipes I wanted to try over the weekend. Those aren't really unusual ingredients. But do you think they had either of them? No. They didn't.

But on my way out of the store, I noticed they had B&M Brown Bread!

That instantly made me think of Saturday night suppers growing up. I say suppers, because back then, that's what we called it. I don't think I really use that word anymore, now it's always dinner.

Anyway, growing up just outside of Boston, hotdogs and beans was a very common Saturday night supper in our house. I don't really remember actually having Brown Bread... but definitely remember the hot dogs & beans. Mum always boiled the hotdogs. I know many of you are totally cool with that... but I don't ever want to eat a boiled hot dog again. Fried, grilled, baked, microwaved, just not boiled. I really have no reason for this, other than boiling meat just seems wrong.

But not being able to actually recall consuming the Brown Bread prompted me to give Mum a call this morning to ask if we had it. She said that she never made it, but that my sister and I probably had it at Grammy's house. When we were little, Saturday night was date night for my parents, so we spent most Saturday nights with Grammy & Grampy. I only remember steamed clams (drool), HeeHaw, Lawrence Welk and All in the Family... so I emailed Jeannie to see if she remembered the Brown Bread. She didn't either. But Jeannie's not a big bread eater to start with. So I have no idea why Saturday Night Suppers popped into my mind at the first glimpse of B&M Brown Bread, but it did!

I snatched the can off of the top shelf and headed over to the baked bean section. Of course I had to have some B&M Baked Beans to go with the Brown Bread. Do you think they had any B&M Baked Beans? Nope! Not a single can! So I grabbed a can of Giant Eagle brand and headed for the checkout.

I opted to fry the hotdogs in butter. Definitely no boiling of hotdogs in my house!

Then browned the buns in butter too.

Meanwhile, I heated up some of that B&M Brown Bread in the toaster oven.

Serve it with a bowlful of baked beans and a nice warm slice of brown bread and it's dinner supper time!


Beans on brown bread! My favorite part of dinner supper!

So it was a nice nostalgic Saturday Supper, followed by a movie night.

I had leftover beans & brown bread for breakfast on Sunday too!

Are you from New England? Did you have Saturday Suppers of Hotdogs & Beans & Brown Bread?


Culinary Alchemist said...

That is Awesome! One of these days I am going to find "Brown Bread" in the grocery store. I have been wanting to try it and looking for it for a couple years. I still haven't been able to find a store that carries it on the west coast or at least not in San Diego or Portland. :(

Martha said...

OMG the minute I saw the picture of the can, I could taste it! I used to love that stuff! I haven't seen it in years. Definitely brings back memories. We had brown bread with cream cheese on it (a real delicacy.. I can tell you!) and boiled hot dogs, oh yeah.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am from Massachusetts and in the 1960s we frequently had hot dogs and beans on Seturday night. My mom had a clay beaming that my grandmothher would cologne B&m beans in, but first she would "doctor them up" (as my mom called it) with onions and dry Coleman's powdered mustard, and other stuff that I cannot remember. Sometimes the dogs were boiled, sometimes fried in butter in the frying pan. A real treat was B&M brown bread sliced from the end of the can and slathered with butter. I just bought all of the stuff to recreate this memorable meal. Looking forward to a trip down Memory Lane!