Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chilaquiles (aka Chili Killers)

A few years ago my nephew, Damien asked me if I knew how to make Chili Killahs (that's how it sounds with his thick Boston accent... it would be Chili Killers to anyone not from the Boston area).

This is Damien and his lovely girlfriend Casandra.

I had no idea what the heck he was talking about. He spent some time in Baja California Mexico and had them there. I asked what was in them. He went on to say eggs, chicken, sauce, cheese and chips.

It took me a while, but I finally figured out he meant Chilaquiles. It's a traditional Mexican comfort food. If I remember correctly, the addition of eggs is more common in Baja California part of Mexico. So in searching the internet and from his memory, we came up with this!

I have to say, I love visiting Damien. He's always excited to cook for me! He's really the only other person that I know personally, who gets really excited about cooking stuff. (not that I don't know my online friends... but you know what I mean)

Damien's Chilaquiles (Chili Killers)
diced green chilies
Adobo seasoning
Chili powder
chicken or pork stock (or water)
corn tortillas
red enchilada sauce
shredded colby jack
Oil for frying

We simmer the meat over night. He originally had this dish with chicken, but the first time we made it, we had pork. So that's what we used. Plus pork is tastier anyway!

Put your pork in a saucepan.

Add green chilies

Some Adobo seasoning

Cumin (YUM!!!!)

Some Epazote. I had never used this before. It came in the Taste of Mexico Gift Set I got him from Penzey's last year for Christmas. I'm definitely picking up a bottle on my next trip to Penzey's (which should be next week!)

Add some stock or water... put a cover on it, turn it to low and go bed! We usually put this on before bed and it's ready when we wake up.

Morning time! Ok... it doesn't look beautiful. But just imagine, nice tender pork, with all those Mexican seasonings.

Cut up some corn tortillas (we actually ended up making the pieces about half the size of these, more bite-sized.)

Get your oil hot

Start frying up the tortillas.

Whisk the eggs

Now time to perk up the canned sauce.

We added cumin

A couple packets of Sazon

Mix that up and add as much as you like to the eggs.

Remove the pork from the stock

And shred it

In a medium hot skillet, add eggs.

And cook and scramble.

Add shredded pork.

Add chips and cheese.

Add more sauce (I'd probably add a lot of sauce here, but just add to your liking)

Serve with warm soft corn tortillas (and refried beans... but I don't think my sister had any beans and I forgot to ask her to pick them up for me)



Bob said...

Guh. Buh. WANT.

Ericka said...

Love the Chili Killahs story. Isn't that closer to the actual pronunciation than the Killers would be anyway?

Spryte said...

LOL!! You're right!!! It's much closer!!!

Ericka said...

I just love that you didn't know what he was talking about - you've been exiled from MA too long :)

Spryte said...

I was thinking killer chili dogs or something, until he told me what was in them.

Shane T. Wingerd said...

How did I miss this post..? Those sound AWESOME!!

Carole said...

Hey thanks for your links in to the fiesta on Carole's Chatter. Cheers