Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sonic Fritos Chili Cheese Wrap

Hey there! Remember me? Spryte... from Spryte's Place...? I mostly post about what's going on in my kitchen? Yes!! THAT Spryte! I knew you'd remember me eventually!

Sorry for my long absence.

While I've been gone, we bought a new (to us) house and moved up the hill from our old house. So I have a new kitchen. There's great light for pictures. But I'm still kind of getting used to it.

We're also fixing up our old house to rent. So that takes up a lot most of our spare time. And in addition to that, I started a new job! Unfortunately, I work a later shift that gets me home more than an hour later than I used to. Plus I take the bus to work, so I can't stop at the grocery store on my way home anymore. Now I have to plan my menus a week at a time and only go grocery shopping once a week. Dinners haven't really been very blog-worthy, mostly quick meals, that I've already blogged about.

So that giant pile of reasons excuses is why I've been MIA.

Anyway... my posting will be a bit sporadic for a while longer, but I'm hoping to be back on track in the kinda near future.

So anyway.... here I am, with a nice customer service story and a quick delicious copy-cat recipe!


I use a lot of flour tortillas, as you've probably noticed. I used to mostly use Mission Flour Tortillas. But my local Giant Eagle grocery store stopped carrying them and now only sells their own brand. I gave them a try, mostly because they were the only ones available. But I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I liked them as much or more than Mission brand. They are thinner and more pliable. But, there was a problem. The plastic zipper that closed the bag malfunctioned. It pulled away from the plastic, so there was no way to reseal it. And it didn't just happen with one package, it happened with several. So sent an email to company and let them know.

A couple weeks later, I got a phone call from their rep. He said that they had done some testing and couldn't duplicate the problem. I told him I understood and actually, even though I'd had 5 or 6 faulty packages, the package I had at the moment was working just fine. He asked if it was ok if he sent me some gift cards. What was I gonna say? No?? So of course I said, "yes". Then he said he'd also like to send me a few packages of tortillas for my trouble. I also accepted that offer.

In a couple of days, I got $20 in Giant Eagle gift cards. That was cool and very quick. Then a few days after that there was a package on my front porch (cuz I have a front porch now!) I had forgotten all about the tortillas and was impatiently waiting for some used paperbacks I ordered from Amazon. The box was a little big for paperbacks, but I figured there must be packing in there. When I picked up the box, it was WAY too heavy to be two paperbacks and I couldn't imagine what was in there.

I opened it up and discovered a whole case of Giant Eagle Flour Tortillas!

A case is 18 packages of 6 flour tortillas each!! That's a lot of tortillas!

I don't want to freeze them, because I think frozen bread products never come out of the freezer as good as they went in. I know many disagree and they are free to try to trick me with thawed bread products, but until that day, that's how I feel about freezing that kind of stuff.

So first thing, I gave away a bunch!

The day before the tortillas arrived, I made Easy Skillet Chili, so Tawny suggested I make Sonic Fritos Chili Cheese Wraps!

I LOVE those things!!!

In addition to these.

You'll need these.

Your favorite chili, Fritos, and shredded cheese. I used Colby/Jack.

Warm your tortilla in the microwave for a few seconds.

See how thin it is!

Place some shredded cheese on the tortilla.

Add some Fritos.

Then some chili.

Now roll it up!


Normally I would never neatly cut a Fritos Chili Wrap... but a picture with a big bite out of it is just not very pretty!

What would have made this Fritos Chili Cheese Wrap better?

A Route 44 Cherry Limeade of course!!!

Giant Eagle, thanks for the awesome customer service!!!